Ensoniq MR-Rack Module

Intro: I never purchased the MR keyboard workstation, because it is reputed to have a buggy OS, bad midi implementation, and poor sequencer. But I did get an MR-Rack because I love the voices.

Disclaimer: I always put a disclaimer into my blogs. I am not a professional reviewer or musician, just a guy with a home studio. There is no editor or fact-checker, so it is quite possible that there are inaccuracies. This is all just opinion, for entertainment purposes only, so don’t make any decisions based solely off this info.

Data Card: There is a PCMCIA card slot on the MR-Rack. I purchased a SDRAM card for saving user patches.

Sequencer: The sequencer and drum machine features from the keyboard were not implemented in the MR-Rack. There is a special card in one of the ROM expansion slots, used to play the MR sequencer demos.

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