Korg microX Patches

Sounds from the Korg microX.
Presented by IntrepidErie.com.
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part 1 of 6: Keyboards

part 2 of 6: Organs, Bells, Mallets

part 3 of 6: Strings, Vocals, Airy

part 4 of 6: Brass, Woodwinds, Reeds

part 5 of 6: Guitars, Plucked

part 6 of 6: Basses


Briggs September 30, 2015 @09:22 pm

Nice demo's....Didn't have the room for a Triton on my rack but your videos convinced me of what a great little synth the micro-x actually is (and I'm having a ball with it) Best compromise I ever made. Regards, Briggs

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