Alesis SR-18 Drum Machine

32 MB sound set with 32 voice polyphony.
Over 500 drum/percussion sounds, and 50 bass sounds.
Basic effects like reverb and EQ.
Pattern Play Mode to trigger patterns from the pads.
Hook up via midi to use as a tone module.
Finger drum input using velocity-sensative pads.
Mute the drums, bass, or percussion.
Bright backlit blue LCD.
100 preset patterns and 100 user patterns.
12 velocity sensitive pads.
Tap tempo button.
Dual output, send drums and bass to different tracks on your multi-track recorder.
Midi in, out, and thru, plus control drums, perc, and bass on different midi channels if you want.
Start, stop, variation A, B, fill, and break.

Preset patterns 00-33:

Preset patterns 34-68:

Preset patterns 69-99:

User Patterns 00-36:

User Patterns 37-72:

Update: I would prefer if it were easy to set the measure to just 1 on all the patterns. I rarely have songs were every section lines up perfectly on the 8-measure mark. I would like to be able to press A/B/Fill/Break at any time and have it take effect, rather than finish out the 8 measures.

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