Korg microX

Korg microX Patches

Sounds from the Korg microX.
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part 1 of 6: Keyboards

part 2 of 6: Organs, Bells, Mallets

part 3 of 6: Strings, Vocals, Airy

part 4 of 6: Brass, Woodwinds, Reeds

part 5 of 6: Guitars, Plucked

part 6 of 6: Basses

Update: I am not using the MicroX as much lately. Not sure why, the MicroX has great Triton sounds and motion/pattern voices. I think it may simply be that I have such great gear, I find that I use the Command Station, MC-808, Motif, ESQ, and other gear before I turn to the MicroX. By the time I have all my tracks filled up, there is no room for the MicroX without it getting too busy. I think I will try to make a conscious effort to use the MicroX more on the next album, since it does have a very nice sound. It may also be that there are almost too many settings - you can really get lost menu diving on this unit. For the longest time, I could not get the tempo to sync up with my sequencer - to finally get it figured out, there must have been 20 different settings that had to be just right for it to work, not like other gear were you just set midi clock to EXT and you are good to go.

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